Best hamburger I have ever had!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon exploring old Belgrade (the main part of the city), I was walking around with my friend Jamie. We came across a little fast food stand that made cooked to order grilled sandwichesImage. We were both starving and decided to try something a little new. 

As approached the counter I had no idea what to order but I saw all the locals order these sandwich that had freshly cooked hamburger patty, with various vegetables and spreads stuffed into a freshly made pitta. So I figured when in Rome, why not! 

The women at the counter took my order and eagerly  watched my meal being made. Once my food was ready the women that took my order called me over. I got to pick my own spreads and vegetables! It was like subway but five million times better.I pilled my sandwich high with lettuce, cucumbers, onions, mustard and some sort of Serbian spread! 

I took my first bite….it was the best the thing I have had! The meat was fresh and juicy.The bread was soft and the condiments just took the sandwich out of this world.

All I can say is well played Serbia, well played Serbia!

Tours on tours of Belgrade

So for the past two days I have gone some really great tours!

Monday we want on tour of the Belgrade Fortress. The fortress, is now a beautiful park! The grounds feature statues, monuments, towers, gates and a a great view of the city! I loved not only getting a chance to learn more about history of Belgrade but getting a chance to experience the unique beauty of Belgrade!

Today we got a tour of a major communication company in Serbia called B-92. The company was originally by students at the University of Belgrade in effort to protest the Yugoslavian conflict. Today it is major company that has its own many T.V. channels and radio stations. We got a whole tour of the building. We even got to see the different studios!

My first moments in Serbia…?

So after a day and a half of traveling I finally made it to Belgrade, Serbia! After getting off of the plane I was eager to dive right into my adventures and meet up with my group! I found two other girls in my group. 

All was going well util we realized that we really had no idea what to do…Our teachers only gave us a simple address of the dorm and that was it. We no phones. No information about to find our dorm. Where it was on the University campus. We pretty much had to wing it.

We ended up getting cab together, however our cab driver was clueless and didn’t speak any English. He ended dropping us on the side of road, near some random buildings on what I assumed was apart the University of Belgrade campus. Lugging our suit cases, back packs and carry ons we found a information booth. However that guy didn’t have a clue on what we were saying. Awesome. Thankfully some very friendly and helpful student asked if we needed help and took us to our dorm. We thanked him and check into a dorm room.

Once in the dorms, the women that was in charge of checking us in told us our room and that internet was broken. I thought to my self you have to be fucking kidding me…. (Also internet does exist any where on campus it is a serious struggle) However I ended up and meeting up with rest of the group and we explored the university area which isn’t so bad! The food and drink is pretty cheap and pretty tasty!

In all what I learned from my first day in Serbia: Is take a deep breath and calmly look at the obstacle  in front of you, not as travesty or as set back. Rather take as a part of journey and the human experience